Fenom Pro

Fenom Pro

The science of allergic asthma & FeNO testing

FeNO is the least invasive, simplest, and most cost-effective means of predicting a patient’s response to therapy.

An intuitive and maintenance-free device for practices and clinics

Numerous studies verify the importance of FeNO measurement in delivering diagnosis confirmation and a prognosis of response to treatment with inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) for asthma patients.

Regular FeNO measurement simplifies the monitoring of airway inflammation and improves patients' adherence to ICS treatment.

FeNO-based therapy management can therefore help patients to keep better track of their asthma and help to avoid exacerbation.

This allows patients to enjoy their next walk to the full. This allows patients to enjoy their next walk to the full. Increased FeNO values predict a worsening of the disease course even before a conspicuous pulmonary function test and therefore allow early therapeutic countermeasures.

What is Fenom?

The centerpiece of the Fenom System, the Fenom Pro™ Asthma Monitor, is a new FeNO testing device that brings clarity to allergic asthma management at the point of care.

A cycle for managing inflammation

One FeNO test can only tell you so much. Integrating ongoing FeNO testing alongside standard asthma care practices can help harmonize personalized treatment guidance, dose titration, and patient adherence.

This FeNO-based inflammation control cycle helps manage treatment for patients with allergic asthma. Monitoring FeNO over time can help physicians anticipate exacerbations, validate seasonal factors, and preemptively adjust treatment.

With the Fenom System™, it’s easy to integrate Fenom Test-Treat-Test into the clinical care process, with results available in just 28 seconds.

Reliable Value

  • Accurate results you never have to
  • question: ± 5 ppb or 10% maximum
  • You only pay for successful tests
  • Purchased tests do not expire
  • Point-of-care testing promotes better adherence

Convenient Use

  • Fast 10-second test time for adult patients; 6-second test time for children < 12 years old
  • Patients breathe into the device just before other spirometry; results are ready 28 seconds later
  • Easily integrated into your existing workflow

Intuitive Design

  • Simple and straightforward clinical application
  • Comfortable hardware, mouth pieces and ergonomic grip