32-channel Upgradeable EEG and Long-Term Monitoring System

32 EEG Channels + 9 Additional Channels

32-channel EEG system with a large number of high-quality polygraphic channels which can be used for the acquisition of any physiological signals from EOG to short-latency EP. Connect 2 amplifiers to one PC to get full-featured 64-channel EEG system for LTM, research and advanced brain mapping.

11 Types of EEG Analysis Including On-line/Off-line Mapping and Epileptiform Activity Detection

Software supplied with the digital EEG and EP system has a set of various analysis types. It includes the following: amplitude, spectral, periodometrical, correlation, cross-correlation, coherent, comparative, wavelet, independent component and epileptiform activity. The software can generate two- and three-dimensional brain maps of the whole record or selected trace fragment. All the results are synchronized with recorded traces.

Impedance Measurement Button on EEG Unit – Just Near a Patient

To facilitate the device use, we equipped it with the handy button. It allows a medical practitioner to measure the impedance at the spot just after the electrode placement on a patient. There is no need to press buttons on a computer. The impedance values of all the electrodes are indicated on the front panel by colored LED indicators. Besides, this button allows to run EEG signal monitoring and recording.

12 Options to Expand the Device Functions

It is possible to expand system functionality by 12 different options which add long-term monitoring, polysomnography, cerebral function monitoring, short- and long-latency EP, EMG and ERG capabilities. A small device with a wide range of functions is a best choice for private clinics and family doctors.

License for Unlimited Number of Workstations

Neuron-Spectrum.NET software can be installed on unlimited number of PCs in office and at home staying full-function and having the possibility to generate reports. Message to sales department to learn more about unlimited license.

  • 32 EEG channels + 9 channels to record any physiological signals
  • 11 types of EEG analysis
  • Impedance measurement button on EEG unit
  • 12 options to expand the device functions including video monitoring, polysomnography, etc.
  • License for unlimited number of workstations